Landcare in the States and Territories

New South Wales

Landcare NSW Inc – Landcare NSW Inc is the representative body for grassroots and community driven natural resource management (NRM) in NSW. Their aim is to promote and encourage awareness and education in sustainable NRM and advocate for ecologically sustainable development within the region.

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Queensland Water and Land Carers Inc. (QWaLC) – Queensland Water and Land Carers (QWaLC) is the peak body for natural resource management (NRM) volunteers in Queensland. QWaLC’s roles include representation, advocacy, promotion, networking and insurance administration.

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Landcare Queensland Limited – Since its formation, Landcare Queensland has facilitated the delivery of project funds to Landcare groups and continues to work towards the establishment of long-term strategic partnerships to support education, awareness and on-ground activities in the state. They also provide training, resources and funding for landcarers across the state.

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South Australia

Landcare Association of South Australia (LASA) – LASA is the Community Landcare Association currently working to reinvigorate Landcare in South Australia.

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Landcare Tasmania – Landcare Tasmania was founded in 1994 as the state peak membership body for community Landcare, and provides support to more than 200 case groups and landowners across the state through a variety of programs. The organisation also acts as an independent, representative voice for community Landcare in the state.

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Australian Capital Territory

ACT Landcare (ACT Region Catchment and Landcare Association) – Landcare groups in the ACT are supported by Catchment Coordinators and Landcare Coordinators who work closely with local communities and across the border into NSW. They play a vital role in helping new groups form and support existing groups in their development and operation.

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Northern Territory

Territory Natural Resource Management – Territory Natural Resource Management is one of 56 regional bodies in Australia, charged with protecting our natural environmental assets. As the only regional NRM body in the NT, Territory NRM plays an important role in fostering partnerships with farmers, landholders and community groups, non-government and Indigenous organisations, governments and businesses to secure our farming resource base and create a resilient natural environment into the future.

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The Victorian Landcare Program – The Victorian Landcare Program is the program of support provided to Landcare by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI Victoria). The program includes the delivery of services and initiatives to support Landcare to enable groups and networks to be more effective.

The Victorian Landcare Gateway – Part of the Victorian Landcare Program, the Victorian Landcare Gateway is an interactive and informative website featuring news from Landcare groups and networks, including up-coming volunteer activities and events, resources and toolkits for groups, information on grants and projects and group and network contacts.

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FarmTree and Landcare Association (FTLA) – The Farm Tree & Landcare Association (FTLA) is an independent incorporated association governed by its members. The FTLA has evolved to cater for groups and individuals involved in Landcare and similar land management and conservation activities.

Victorian Landcare Council (VLC) – The Victorian Landcare Council is a democratic Council that has been created to represent the interests of volunteer landcarers in Victoria in pursuing a healthy and sustainable environment. It has two Landcare members from each of the 10 Catchment Management Authority regions who have accepted the responsibility to represent Landcare volunteers.

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Western Australia

Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) – DAFWA is supporting a progressive, innovative and profitable agriculture and food sector that benefits Western Australia. It aims to do this by improving long term profitability of major industries, building a sustainable sector and industry capacity and improving markets and trade.