What is Landcare Australia Limited?

What is Landcare Australia Limited (LAL) and what role does it play in the Landcare movement?

Landcare Australia builds capacity for Landcare communities to better manage Australia’s crucial land and water assets. Our vision is all Australians actively caring for the land and water that sustain us.

(Refer to Bob Hawkes speech on 20th July 1989 in Wentworth (Western NSW) which foreshadowed the National Landcare Program which began a few years after)


All Australians actively caring for the land and water that sustain us.


Building capacity for Landcare communities to better manage Australia’s crucial land and water assets.


Our values express what we stand for, guide the way we work and support our mission. We are a highly committed team, passionately driven to make a difference for our partners.

The value we contribute to our partners – the Landcare community, government, businesses, our colleagues and indeed, all Australians – will be measured by the support and recognition we receive from them and is derived from the quality of work we deliver.

We acknowledge that to maintain our work’s quality and value, we must:

demonstrate innovation and resourcefulness in undertaking our work;
apply an outstanding level of knowledge and expertise;
respect our colleagues and partners; and
carry out our work as a team.
Our core objectives are to:

Raise corporate sponsorship for the Landcare and Coastcare movements
Raise community awareness of the programs and brands
In the 2013/2014 financial year, $2.8 million of non-Government, corporate funding was raised to support the Landcare movement. This enabled Landcare Australia to provide funding to 503 on-ground projects across Australia as well as supporting initiatives to raise awareness and recognition of the great work done by farmers and volunteers.

We assist businesses to work with local communities on environmental restoration and repair projects and run national campaigns such as Landcare Week and the National Landcare Awards. We also organise targeted promotions and fund raising initiatives such as natural disaster emergency response campaigns.

Where do we get our funding?

Landcare Australia Limited is a non-partisan organisation and receives funds from governments, corporate organisations and private donations. Prior to 1993 the Commonwealth Government provided untied funds to cover Landcare Australia Limiteds administration expenses. Since 1993 funds have been provided through the Commonwealth Government to support defined deliverables such as the Landcare Awards and Landcare in Focus magazine.

The State governments in Victoria and Western Australia support the operations of Landcare Australia Limited through funds or in-kind resources to provide for outcomes specific to these States.

Funds are received from Corporate sponsors to support projects undertaken by groups operating under the Landcare and Coastcare ethos. These funds are dispersed via a combination of competitive and non-competitive grants. In order to manage this process and provide the appropriate reports and PR outcomes for the sponsors, management fees are charged to sponsors. These vary depending upon the type and extent of the partnership.

Given the enormous community awareness of the work that Landcare and Coastcare groups do, Landcare Australia Limited has in recent years received individual donations and bequests. A policy has been developed that meets the wishes of the donors and provides for the use of these funds for predominantly on the ground work by groups.

What type of Corporate partnerships do we broker?

Our partnership model has been tested in numerous industry sectors and across a broad range of marketing and corporate citizenship platforms. Although there may be some ‘givens involved with a sponsorship, each partnership we develop is distinctive in its application; it should not be considered as something you ‘buy off the shelf. Landcare Australia Limited works closely with its corporate partners to identify their unique needs and build a partnership which is aligned to the partners business objectives and risks, as well as their overarching vision, mission and values.

How do we raise awareness and manage the brands?

Awareness of the Landcare and Coastcare brands makes them the most recognised Australian environmental brands within the general population. Landcare Australia Limited raises awareness for the brands through media campaigns, community service announcements, newsletters and publications, and key events such as the Landcare Awards and Landcare Week activities. Awareness is also raised through the commercial use of the brands by sponsors. The highest profile of these in recent years has been the use of the Junior Landcare logo on the Coles reusable bags.

Roy Morgan: In 2013, 70% of Australians aged 14 years and over had heard of Landcare, which shows that awareness of the brand has remained relatively steady over the past eight years, varying between 68% and 72%. This level of awareness is extremely positive when considering the changing landscape of NGOs in the environmental sector and the proliferation of social media use in the non-profit sector. Landcare Australia is currently developing a brand strategy to raise awareness of Landcare within urban communities.

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Landcare Australia Limited owns the trade marks for its benefit and for the benefit of the Landcare movement. Thus Landcare Australia Limited considers very carefully how these brands are used. Landcare Australia Limited works with the community groups and individuals under the Landcare banner to make sure that they are able to use the ‘caring hands logos to support the work of their groups. From a commercial perspective Landcare Australia Limited controls the use of the logos to make sure that they are only used in approved ways, by companies that have an agreed sponsorship relationship with the Landcare and Coastcare movements. As the ‘caring hands have a very high commercial value, Landcare Australia Limited works to make sure that companies who partner with Landcare Australia Limited pay an appropriate license fee for the use of the logos.

The Landcare Australia logo was refreshed in June 2010, Landcare Australia also offers to personalise the logo to incorporate group names:

Old Logos:

New Logos:

The Team at Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia Limited is a small team based predominantly in Sydney and Melbourne. The main areas of focus of the team are:

Partnerships – this team manage the relationships with Corporate sponsors and with the Landcare and Coastcare groups to ensure appropriate projects are sourced and well managed.

Public Relations and Marketing – this team deliver the public relations benefits to sponsors including media. They also manage key campaigns and events such as the Landcare Awards, Landcare Week and Coastcare Week. They manage communications such as e-newsletters, websites, the Landcare publications and social media.

Corporate Services – this team manages the complex financial structures and processes as well as other governance arrangements.

The staff are fully supported by the Landcare Australia Limited Board of Directors, Landcare Australia Limited Advisory Council and the newly formed Landcare Australia Limited Steering Committee which will oversee key deliverables against Landcare Australia Limiteds contract with the Commonwealth Government.

What makes us unique?

Landcare is unique in its ability to unite demographics that have traditionally experienced difficulty collaborating or achieving accordance on environmental issues. Landcare projects successfully bring together farmers, conservationists, local councils, scientists, business, industry, national parks, schools, the community and more to form powerful partnerships.

Unlike many other once a year environmental initiatives, Landcare volunteers are working all year round to protect and repair our environment. This consistent approach to environmental protection and restoration ensures there are constantly emerging sponsorship or volunteering opportunities.

Landcare projects build community capacity because Landcare projects are undertaken by community members rather than paid scientists or field officers. Skills developed throughout the life of a Landcare project stay with the community long after project completion. These skills range from on ground expertise like bush regeneration to proficiencies in book keeping, event management and communications and media skills.

Some of our achievements

1992, Landcare Stamps
A set of five Landcare stamps were launched in partnership with Australia Post. The stamps featured five top Landcare issues including salinity, tree planting, dunecare, farm planning and soil erosion. The stamps were launched at Martin Place on June 11, 1992 by Landcare advocate Don Burke.

1993, Landcare Coin
A commemorative Landcare dollar coin was launched in partnership with the Royal Australian Mint. Bearing the inscription “water is life”, the coin was intended to raise public awareness of water quality issues.

1995, The Angry Anderson Challenge
Embarking on its most ambitious campaign so far, Landcare launched the Angry Anderson Challenge. The objective was to plant one million trees over 7 days in the Murray Darling Basin. The initiative brought Landcare into the living rooms of urban dwellers through a partnership with TV media outlets. An estimated 1.5 million viewers watched a 1 hour ‘A Current Affair prime time special. Over 10,000 volunteers provided immense support which enabled some groups to undertake plantings previously thought to be too overwhelming. The project involved schools, community groups and corporate volunteers.

1997 – 2000, Olympic Landcare
From 1997 2000 Olympic Landcare achieved 2.6 million trees planted at 70 sites throughout NSW by 40,000 volunteers. Like the Angry Anderson Challenge, Olympic Landcare highlighted regional Australias huge land degradation problems and demonstrated the need for support from corporate Australia and everyones involvement. Most official sites dedicated their plantings to a local or favorite Olympian or Paralympian. Many of these athletes personally took part at their local Olympic Landcare site.

2006, Cyclone Larry
When Cyclone Larry hit Far North Queensland in March 2006, no one was hit harder than the students of Innisfail State High School. Landcare approached popular lifestyle program Backyard Blitz and comrade Don Burke to undertake what the Blitz team described as “Their most ambitious project yet”.

The idea was not to rebuild the high schools playground, but to take the opportunity given the ‘blank canvas that Larry had prepared, to create the ultimate environmental playground; to inspire the kids to embrace, to marvel at, and to study the extraordinary biodiversity that makes Far North Queensland such a magnificent part of the world. The schoolyard serves as a model for schools all over Australia based largely upon the ideas and principles of the Junior Landcare program.

2009, Vic Bushfires
Landcare responded to the devastating Victorian bush fires of 2009 by establishing an emergency relief fund. Raising over $100,000 in contributions from corporate Australia, Landcare and the Department of Sustainability and Environment in Victoria worked together to deliver funding to fire effected regions to achieve community and environmental recovery from bushfire.

Landcare Australia Limited Response to the Landcare Community Call for Action

LAL Response to the Landcare Community Call for Action