The Landcare Landscape

Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations

There are 56 regional NRM organisations across Australia that act as delivery agents under the regional stream of the National Landcare Programme. You can contact your regional NRM organisation for opportunities to get involved in projects in your area.

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Local Land Services (LLS)

Local Land Services (LLS), launched in New South Wales in January 2014, bringing together agricultural production advice, biosecurity, natural resource management and emergency management into a single organisation. Across the 11 regions boards are responsible for the day-to-day operations of Local Land Services and setting the strategic direction to achieve local and State priorities.

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National Landcare Advisory Committee

The National Landcare Advisory Committee is a non-statutory body established by the Natural Heritage Ministerial Board (the Board), to advise the Board on the development and implementation of the Australian Governments National Landcare Programme.

The Committee will provide advice to the Board on the National Landcare Programme including investment priorities, delivery, community consultation and engagement, and achievement of outcomes.

The role of the Committee will be to:

Provide advice on the design settings for the National Landcare Programme to ensure the most efficient and effective achievement of programme priorities and the Government’s objectives for improving Australia’s environment
Provide advice and feedback on implementation issues or risks for the National Landcare Programme including the effectiveness of investments in achieving National Landcare Programme outcomes
Advise on options and opportunities for continual improvement of National Landcare Programme delivery, particularly in relation to engaging stakeholders and maintaining community participation
Provide advice on any other matters requested by the Board.
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National Landcare Network (NLN)

In February 2009, peak Landcare organisations from around the country met to discuss forming a national body for community Landcare. Participants at this inaugural meeting shared a common sense of the importance of an effective national voice for Landcare and could see the opportunity for resource and skill-sharing through a national network. The National Landcare Network consists of two representatives from each State or Territory, as delegates from the relevant state peak representative organisation.

A national representative body to speak for community Landcare ensures that the unique character of Landcare is not lost in the centralised nature of NRM planning. It ensures that the critical role of community engagement in NRM is recognised, and that NRM policies, funding and structural arrangements benefit the community.

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The National Landcare Programme

The National Landcare Programme is a key part of the Australian Government’s $2 billion investment over 4 years in managing our natural resources. The other elements of this investment include the Reef 2050 Plan, The Green Army Programme, Working on Country (now part of the Jobs, Land and the Economy Programme), and the Land Sector Package.

The National Landcare Programme is comprised of two funding streams: national and regional, that will invest $1 billion of over four years in projects that address environmental and sustainable agriculture issues.