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What is Landcare Australia Limited’s role?

Landcare is a uniquely Australian partnership between community, government and business. It aims to protect and restore our magnificent natural landscapes for productive and environmental values. Landcare Australia Limited is the official not-for-profit organisation responsible for the promotion, sponsorship and marketing of the inspiring Landcare volunteer network comprising over 5,000 Landcare, Coastcare and related groups. The revenue raised by Landcare Australia Limited is used to promote the Landcare ethic and assist groups deliver on-ground environmental and sustainable agriculture projects. Landcare Australia Limited owns and manages the trademarks of the Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare “caring hands logos” which have become the widely recognised and respected symbols of the movement. Landcare Australia Limited (LAL) has been involved, on behalf of the Landcare movement, with corporate partnership for 23 years delivering a suite of partnership models and campaigns for a wide range of corporate partners.

The Benefits of a partnership with Landcare Australia Limited

There are a range of organisational benefits and marketing opportunities associated with becoming a partner with Landcare Australia Limited (LAL). As a partner, your corporate standing for social responsibility and sustainability will benefit from LAL’s extensive public awareness campaigns, with an estimated annual advertising value of more than $50 million. You will also be able to tap into LAL’s professional marketing services to create a unique campaign that highlights the partnership and the projects it supports. Most importantly you will have accessed the inspiring Landcare network and link with the type and location of Landcare groups relevant to your business. As a partner your financial support will contribute directly to a wide range of interests from mainstream farmers, coastcare, urban and junior landcare groups and help deliver practical support for onground Landcare projects. LAL also has the capacity to engage your staff in Landcare group projects through our long standing Corporate Environmental Volunteer program.

Other benefits include:

Screenshot Landcare in Focus magazine
Screenshot Landcare in Focus magazine

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Access to LAL’s experienced team of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and sustainability professionals who can assist you to develop your CSR strategy further and who can develop innovative campaigns to support a partnerships with Landcare
Access to LAL’s highly skilled communications team who will work with you to develop support material that highlight the partnership and its associated projects
Access to editorial and advertising space in our quarterly publication ‘Landcare in Focus’ with a national distribution of 146,000 as part of the Fairfax rural weekly publications
Inclusion in our monthly Landcare E-newsletters with distribution of 27,000
Inclusion on the Landcare, Coastcare and/or Junior Landcare websites with 7,000 unique visits each month
Inclusion in our social media activity – over 6,000 Facebook Likes & over 8,000 Twitter followers
Profile of the partnership and your support for LAL and the Landcare movement with political advisers and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Invitations to key events such as the National Landcare Awards which are attended by community volunteers, Landcare support organisations, federal government departments, Ministers and LAL’s corporate partners.

Interested in partnering with us?

Woolworths and Landcare Fresh Food Future Program

Junior Landcare and Turf Australias Perfect Patch of Green program

A unique benefit of working with LAL is our customised approach to every partnership. We take into consideration your budget, objectives and interests and then assign our most relevant Partnerships Manager to take you through the entire process from concept to implementation and ongoing management. This model allows us to create strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our corporate partners. The Landcare partnership model places great emphasis on relationships, working hand in hand with our partners to deliver social and environmental outcomes. Over time this has helped us forge strong relationships with many prominent corporate organisations.

We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and deliver customised solutions. Our key strengths are our flexibility, specialist knowledge of Australia’s environmental issues and ability to engage community. With this experience in hand we assist organisations to develop and implement relevant and meaningful programs delivering:

Environmental outcomes
Sustainable agriculture outcomes
Community and social outcomes
Brand awareness
PR outcomes
Staff engagement
Increased public awareness
Education and behaviour change
LAL prides itself in working with its corporate partners to develop a tailored program; thus no two sponsorships are the same. Our reach and diversity ensure we can deliver projects in almost any location, on almost any issue, on budget and on deadline. The following is a list of some of the current types of partnerships but we encourage you to contact LAL to discuss your individual needs.

Sponsorship of a State/ Territory and National Landcare Awards category
Campaigns focused in Junior Landcare such as school challenges, visual medium competitions, and ‘grow the biggest’ competitions
Campaigns focused on sustainable agriculture and food production
Cause Related Marketing campaigns
Employee volunteering
Workplace Giving Programs
Bequest Programs
Some of current partnership examples below:

Coles Cause Related Marketing (CRM) campaign where 5c from each reusable bag sold is donated to Junior Landcare to fund the Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants program across Australia.
Holden A mixed partnership including funding for specific programs, employee volunteering and in kind donation of Holden vehicles for use by select Landcare groups.
PwC Employee volunteering across Australia with Landcare groups.
Qantas Foundation Landcare Australia Ltd delivers the Qantas Foundation closed grants program and sources specific water based projects that focus on rehabilitation and re-vegetation of riparian ecosystems and protection of wetlands and wildlife habitats. The Foundation was a Major Sponsor of Landcare Week in 2009, 2010 and 2012. In 2013 the Qantas Group is a sponsor of the State & Territory Landcare Awards. The partnership also involves staff engagement activities to encourage and support Qantas employees to participate in corporate environmental volunteering activities.
Westpac Agribusiness Sponsor of the Westpac Innovative Young Landcare Leader Award for the 2013 State & Territory and 2014 National Landcare Awards.
Woolworths Traditionally funds grants to the farming community across Australia with many of these projects significantly leveraged by Catchment Management Authorities, research organisations and agricultural industry groups. The program is strongly focused on sustainable agriculture initiatives.
Yates Sponsorship and CRM funding through the Yates “Natures Way” products for the Junior Landcare program. This partnership supports Junior Landcare Challenges such as the Watermelon challenge where children are supplied with seeds and then compete to grow the largest watermelon.
What is Landcare Australia Limited’s Partnerships Policy?

Landcare Australia Ltd (LAL) applies a comprehensive partnerships policy and process to determine suitable corporate and philanthropic partners and the extent and nature of these partnerships. The following paragraphs summarise LAL’s Partnership Policy.

This Partnerships Policy is based upon the Landcare principles which support everybody, no matter what sector of the community they belong to, working together to protect our fragile natural environment. LAL seeks to build partnerships that support these principles and the objectives of the company. LAL encourages all of its partners to embrace the concepts of sustainability and to work towards creating shared value in the community.

Partnership opportunities are both sought pro-actively and received through application to LAL. All partnership proposals are assessed and developed in accordance with our Partnerships Policy. When considered necessary, input or feedback on the appropriateness of an opportunity will be sought by the LAL team from various sources, including the Landcare and Coastcare networks, industry and existing sponsors.

Download: Landcare Australia Ltds Partnerships Policy.

The Landcare ‘Caring Hands’ logo

LAL’s fundamental role is to promote the Landcare ethic and to attract funding to support projects being undertaken by the Landcare movement. In support of the movement LAL owns the trademarks of the ‘Caring hands’ logo which has gained widespread recognition throughout the community as the symbol of the Landcare movement. The logo is a key marketing asset which only LAL has the right to licence the use of the logo to other parties. LAL monitors the use of this logo by all stakeholders and works to safeguard the integrity and value of this highly respected community brand.

In March 2013 an external survey conducted by Roy Morgan showed that the ‘Caring hands’ logo is recognised by an impressive 78% of the general public, making it one of the most recognised community brands in Australia.

The use of the ‘Landcare Australia’ logo can be licensed to a whole company for promotional purposes but individual product or service use is subject to individual contractual arrangements. It must be noted that the ‘Landcare Australia’ Logo is not an Eco Label and LAL does not endorse or scientifically test claims by the manufacturer in the same way that government schemes including ‘Environmental Choice’ do.

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