Our CEO Tessa Jakszewicz

Tessa Jakszewicz, Landcare Australia Limited CEO

Tessa Jakszewicz joined Landcare Austalia Ltd as the Chief Executive Officer in 2013.

Ms Jakszewicz is based at head office in Sydney and brings a wealth of experience across a number of sectors to the role. As Deputy CEO for the last six years with the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre in Tasmania, Tessa played an integral role in both securing the necessary funding and leading the organisations Science team.

Tessa also holds the position of Non-Executive Director of the Board of Hydro Tasmania, Australias largest renewable energy business and water manager. Prior to these roles, she held senior management and marketing roles within the information technology and telecommunication industries in both Australia and the UK.

Tessas previous experience includes that of industry, the not-for-profit sector and research into environmental sustainability, which have all been informed by her MBA and Master of Science qualifications. She is very well placed to lead Landcare Australia Limited in its important roles of promoting the Landcare ethic and assisting the Landcare movement through the raising of resources and support for projects.