Green Army FAQs

Green Army FAQs
How many projects will be carried out in 2014-15?

On 2 August the Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt announced the first 196 Green Army projects to roll out across the country this financial year and said further projects will be identified in the coming months. The list of approved Green Army projects to roll out across the country this financial year is available on the Green Army website at

How can Landcare groups get involved?

Groups across Australia are able to submit applications to host a Green Army project. The Department of the Environment may hold up to two assessment periods each year.

Project guidelines and information for groups interested in submitting Green Army projects is available at: People can also call the Green Army hotline on 1800 780 730, Email [email protected] or subscribe to the Green Army mailing list by emailing [email protected] to keep up-to-date with the latest information.

How can potential participants get involved?

Young Australians can apply if you are aged between 17-24 years and are an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Applicants may be a school leaver gap year student, graduate, Indigenous person, an unemployed job seeker and/or a person with a disability. To apply, people should contact Landcare Australia’s partner Service Provider Manpower.

What will Landcare Australia’s role be as a service provider?

Landcare Australia, in partnership with Manpower, has been appointed by the Australian Government as a Service Provider for the Green Army programme. Landcare Australia will provide support to Manpower in ensuring effective on-ground delivery of proposed projects.

Our role is to assist project sponsors and Manpower to provide good environmental outcomes for projects when they are approved by the Department of Environment. We are also assisting to ensure the Landcare community benefits wherever possible, by creating pathways for the community to participate and identifying opportunities for the Landcare community to provide advice and mentoring to the young people participating.

ManpowerGroup will recruit, equip, train and manage the Green Army Participants, while Landcare Australia will work with Manpower and selected project sponsors to help ensure projects achieve the best possible results.

How will Landcare Australia ensure the best outcomes for Landcare and the environment?

Similar to the large number of projects that have been contracted by Landcare Australia over the last 25 years, we will evaluate projects to confirm environmental outcomes are achievable and assist successful delivery with project sponsors. We will draw on our own resources as well as our extensive network of collaborating Landcare and NRM community organisations. We will also communicate to the Landcare Community about opportunities within the Green Army programme as they arise.

Further information

Updates for the Landcare community will be made available on the Landcare Australia website and via our e-newsletter. People can subscribe to Landlink via

For general information and updates on the Green Army programme, please go to the Green Army website at