About Landcare

Landcare Australia Ltd
(Landcare Australia) is the official
not-for-profit company responsible
for promotion and sponsorship for
Australia’s landcare movement.

Landcare Australia assists businesses to work with local communities on environmental and sustainable agriculture repair projects, providing corporate funds, staff and in-kind resources.

Landcare Australia raises sponsorship from the corporate sector, runs campaigns such as National Landcare Week, Coastcare Week and the National Landcare Awards, and coordinates special landcare projects.

Landcare Australia also organises targeted promotions with sponsors and helps raise funds for landcare groups to carry out their own local fundraising and awareness-raising activities.

Landcare Australia’s award-winning work with corporate partners is carried out by a small team of professional marketing staff. Landcare Australia has forged successful partnerships with many top Australian companies to sponsor landcare activities and involve employees in local projects. Since its inception, Landcare Australia has helped raise millions of dollars in corporate funding and in-kind assistance. For more information see Landcare Australia’s Annual Report and the Partnership section of LandcareOnline or contact Landcare Australia.

Landcare Australia’s Chairman and Board of Directors

Mr Jerry Ellis is Landcare Australia’s Chairman and the company is guided by a Board of Directors with leading business, community and Australian government directors.

“We’re well into a new century of landcare and the movement is proving itself to be a long-term feature of rural and urban Australia.” Jerry Ellis, Chairman, Landcare Australia Ltd Board