Workplace Giving

Landcare Australias corporate supporters and their employees understand that together we can make a positive difference to improve our natural environment.

For Landcare Australia, our Workplace Giving Program (WPG) helps provide a regular source of funding that allows us to deliver our vital environmental programs and support to landcare groups, including schools and communities throughout Australia.

We invest WPG donations in funding and supporting innovative environmental projects that not only protect and repair the environment but also help build social resilience and support the capacity of local communities to tackle environment issues.

Employee donations to Landcare Australia support projects that deliver positive environmental and community outcomes, with a focus on:

Coastal, marine and river health: Coastcare volunteers identify local environmental problems along our coast and marine environments and work together to achieve practical solutions. There are currently 2,000 Coastcare groups all around the country
Youth involvement: The Junior Landcare program supports environmental educational activities and the involvement of children and young people in a range of environmental projects within schools and community groups
Social Cohesion & Welfare: Landcare Australia supports a range of projects and events, including community gardens and community planting days, which brings together communities to actively engage in protecting and repairing their local environments
Landcare Australia works with our Workplace Giving Partners to deliver a number of benefits:

WPG information for your employees including an overview of the WPG Program and WPG funded projects to let your staff know how their involvement makes a difference to Landcare groups across Australia
WPG Case studies can be promoted by our WPG partners and included within the companys CSR reporting and promotion of the companys CSR commitment and employee engagement initiatives on their website
WPG presentations to engage employees in an educational presentation about Landcare Australia and the important work carried out by the thousands of landcare volunteers across the country
Invitation for employees to attend Landcare Australias Corporate Volunteer Challenge Days, which are great opportunities for WPG and corporate partners to sign up a team of employees to volunteer, get their hands dirty, learn about local environmental issues and network with other corporate supporters employees.
Workplace Giving funds distributed to Landcare projects across Australia in FY 2014:

Generous donations to Landcare Australia from workplace givers all around the country are pooled to maximise on-ground environmental benefits and support Landcare volunteers’ efforts. Employee donations are directed to financially supporting Landcare, Coastcare and environmental volunteer groups to purchase local provenance native trees, shrubs and grasses, recruit new volunteer to help protect native habitats and increase biodiversity as well as involve the wider community in local Landcare events.

We would like to thank all employees donating to Landcare Australia’s Workplace Giving Program and supporting Landcare Australia and the following groups during FY 2014:

1. 25th Landcare Grants Programs $50,000 to support on-ground projects through the Junior Landcare Planting the Future Grants Program and the Landcare Week Grow Grants Program to mark 25 years since the launch of Landcare as a national initiative in 1989. 25 groups across Australia received funding through the Landcare Grow Grants to expand Landcare Week events and support activities to help recruit new landcare volunteers and deliver dynamic and locally driven landcare week events. 25 youth involving groups and schools received funding through the Junior Landcare Planting the Future Grants to support creative projects and the wonderful work being done in partnership with Landcare groups, community and young people. Click here to view grant recipients.

2. Bushcare’s Major Day Out (NSW) $7,500 towards support of a national volunteer initiative lead by a local Sydney Bushcare Group to encourage and support a range of landcare events during Landcare Week 2014. BMDO has received financial support from LAL via various funding sources since 2010 and is recognised as important community partner of Landcare Australia to promote urban landcare activities cross Australia.

3. Panboola Blitz Event 16th & 17th May 2014 (NSW) $7,500 Sponsorship to support the Pambula Wetlands and Heritage Project Inc (PWHP) committee and the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness (ALCW) who joined forces to hold the Bioblitz. The community event engaged scientists, students and community, to help achieve a deeper knowledge of the species of this unique landscape and encourage further observation, learning and recording of the local biodiversity.

4. Trees In Newcastle (NSW) $1,000 towards native seedlings for a National Tree Day event on the 28th July 2013, TIN has been regenerating the Themeda Grasslands at King Edward park for the past 5 years, 100+ people attend the event each year and will plant 470 seedlings. Themeda grassland on Seacliffs and Coastal Headlands is an endangered ecological community in NSW, which means that the grassland is at risk of extinction.

5. Yarra Ranges Landcare Network (VIC) $2,500 for a Landcare for Singles event to attract new volunteers, and approx. 50 people attended on the day to lend a hand and plant 1000 seedlings to improve biodiversity and amenity along the popular Warburton Rail Trail, at Wesburn, in the Yarra Valley on the 1st September 2013. A fun social event aimed at 25+ singles, so you’ve heard of speed dating, well this is speed planting. Plant a new seedling with a new person every 8 minutes and then everyone joined in to mingle over a free tasty lunch.

6. Inner West Environment Group (NSW) $2,000 to host a Landcare for Singles event, held on the 10th May 2014 the day attracted and engaged a range of new volunteers to the group. Over 40 singles dug deep and planted 300 seedlings, cleared 13 bags of rubbish and created new terracing to help prevent erosion and preserve a native bush corridor that runs alongside the light-rail corridor near the new Arlington Station.

7. Take 3 (NSW) – $5,000 to support Take 3 educational events to engage young people. Based on the Central Coast of NSW Take 3 have actively educated over 35,000 school students and 30,000 members of the community in four States since 2011. Take 3 works with local councils, State government departments, businesses, schools (pre, primary and secondary), surf life saving clubs, and community groups to increase awareness of marine debris, promote behavioural change and support local communities to address this ever-escalating problem.

8. Bungowannah/Splitters Creek Landcare Group $1,000 to support a Junior Landcare Squirrel Glider Nest Box program and increase youth engagement through the purchase of a pole camera to actively involve the local children at Splitters Creek in the monitoring of their 15 Squirrel Glider nest boxes. The funding has allowed the Landcare group to expand the program whiling helping to maintain and encourage young people’s ongoing interest and engagement in the project.

9. Landcare Adventure Conservation Willow Warriors (NSW) $1,000 for volunteer resources and website upgrade to support Landcare Adventure Conservation activities. Willow Warriors is an Adventure Conservation Group, volunteers seek to combine the excitement of white-water rafting, flat water kayaking and having fun in the outdoors with Landcare conservation activities.

10. Compass Housing (NSW) $5,000 awarded to the Grow Program to support low socioeconomic tenant groups to undertake environmental projects in their local area that make a difference to people and their “place”. The Compass GROW program, launched in 2012 has delivered many environmental sustainability outcomes with active participation from staff, Board, tenant representative groups as well as external stakeholders.

11. Greater Sydney Local Land Services sponsorship of the Coastcare Award NSW $1,000 Regional Landcare Awards were presented at the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authoritys 2013 Community Forum and Regional Landcare Awards, held at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre on 4 May 2013 – and the proud Winner of the 2013 Coastcare Award went to Macmasters Beach SLSC, Coastcare

12. Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc. (WA) $1,000 event sponsorship of the Schools Harvest Display Challenge 2013 to support 12 local schools to display their school harvest and other works relating to the natural environment at the annual Canning Agricultural Show. Actively involving young people and students across the district this program promotes the importance of sustainable agriculture and farming practises.

13. Main Creek Catchment Landcare Group (VIC) $2,200 towards 1000 native tube stock aimed at revegetating the Mornington Peninsula Main Creek Catchment Landcare is an active group on the Peninsula, with over 50 families/households in the Main Creek catchment area currently involved. The group is composed of community-minded volunteers from a range of backgrounds, whose aim is to improve the local environment.

14. Basalt to Bay Landcare Network (VIC) $5,000 to contribute to the protection, enhancement and extension of an endangered Basalt Shrubby Woodland in varying condition located along Colton’s Road, Minhamite to address issues of native vegetation connectivity across the landscape. Basalt to Bay Landcare Network is about revitalising Landcare in the region and encouraging communities to get involved in their local groups again.

Find out more about Workplace Giving with Landcare Australia and engaging your staff

If your company currently has a Workplace Giving Program, and would like to partner with Landcare Australia or you would like to establish a Workplace Giving Program, contact us via [email protected] to find out more about Landcare Australias Workplace Giving Program.

Landcare Australias Corporate Volunteer Challenge Days are hosted by Landcare Australia in capital cities across Australia each year to engage corporate volunteers and show them firsthand the range of activities Landcare groups are undertaking.

To find out more about the benefits of partnering with Landcare Australia download:

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Meet our Workplace Giving Partners

Generous donations to Landcare Australia from workplace givers all around the country are pooled to maximise on-ground environmental benefits and support Landcare volunteers efforts. With over 4,000 Landcare groups and 2,000 Coastcare groups around Australia, employee contributions are enabling these groups to purchase local providence native trees, shrubs and groundcovers, construct fences to protect habitats and increase biodiversity as well as involve the wider community in local Landcare activities.

We would like to thank employees from the following companies who support Landcare projects across Australia through Workplace Giving:

Australian Gas and Light (AGL)
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
CSL Limited
Deutsche Bank Australia
Konica Minolta
Mondelez Australia
National Australia Bank Limited
Pan Macmillan Australia
Qantas Airways Limited
Royal Bank of Scotland
Shell Development (Australia) Pty Ltd
The Litmus Group
Zinfra Contracting